EU law

Under current EU legislation, all operators of Internet sites are required to inform users if, when and which cookies are used, and to obtain your consent to the use of these cookies.

This cookie policy provides a brief overview on how Tenuta Larnianone uses cookies on its website.

What are cookies?

Cookies are small test files that the visited websites send to your terminal (computer, laptop, smartphone, tablet), where they are stored. Cookies are stored in the browser. At each subsequent visit that Web site, the browser sends the cookie back to the site itself, so that the latter recognizes the terminal, thus improving the user experience to each user’s next visit to the site.

What types of cookies exist?

Cookies are typically classified into the following categories:

Cookie of the first parts are cookies set by the website visited by the user, such as those set by Tenuta Larnianone when you visit the site.

Third-party cookies: cookies are set by a domain other than the website visited by the user.

Session cookies: they are only active during a browser session. Allow the connection of all activities performed by the user during the browser session. Session cookies are deleted when the browser is closed.

Persistent cookies: remain in the PC even after the end of the browser session. They are reactivated at each subsequent visit of the site from which they come, and remain for a long time on the hard disk of the terminal. Persistent cookies can remain on your computer for days, months or even years.

What types of cookies are used by Tenuta Larnianone, and for what purposes?

Tenuta Larnianone only uses cookies fundamental to allow the user the best experience possible to use, for example. to take into account the time of loading pages or understand the most visited in order to optimize them.

Tenuta Larnianone uses the following types of cookies for the purposes described below:

– Cookie absolutely necessary: ​​Tenuta Larnianone uses cookies absolutely necessary to smooth operation of its sites, without which it would be possible to offer certain functions on the Tenuta Larnianone website.
– Performance / analysis: Tenuta Larnianone collects information about how users use the site, for example. which pages are visited most often and which errors may occur in this regard. These profiles analysis help us recognize the effectiveness of content on offer and explore possibilities of further improving the performance of the site.
– Preferences: Tenuta Larnianone uses the data and settings of their clients solely for the purpose of the proper functioning of e-commerce
– Security: Tenuta Larnianone uses cookies to implement security mechanisms and recognize any activity threatening network security.