Vin Santo

Vin Santo

del Chianti D.O.C

Crafted from only the best Trebbiano and Malvasia grapes from our vineyards our Vin Santo is aged for 6 years in caratelli, small 50 litre oak barrels, and owes much of its peculiar character to the madre, a very old yeast, which is owned and protected by the Morfini family.

This sweet wine, typical from the Tuscan area has been made popular by the pairing with “cantucci” the traditional tuscan dry biscuit with almonds.

The origins of its name date back to the work of a 14th-century friar from the province of Siena who would use the leftover wine from the Mass to cure the sick. The miraculous healing became associated with the Santo or “holy” wine and the name “Vin Santo” was allegedly born. 

Seductive and enchanting, our Vin Santo offers an explosion of fragrance and flavours, which change in character and intensity depending on the food pairings.

  • Grapes:  60% Trebbiano 40% Malvasia
  • Vineyard density: 3000 plants per hectare
  • Ageing : 6 years in used 50 lts barrique
  • Plantation year:  1976
  • Training system: spur–pruned cordon
  • Altitude: 270 mts
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